I Use To Be A Pharisee

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My father is a minister and was a pastor of a church some time ago.  I was baptized at 8 and pretty much grew up in the church.  I knew all the things that I shouldn’t do and all the things that I should do.  I knew how to carry myself as a Christian and knew what it looked like to not be a Christian.  I kept the letter of the law, or so I thought.  I saw my good fruit and hide the bad fruit.  I saw the fruit of others and cast judgment on them for it.  Yep, I was a self righteous Pharisee.  Liberty in Christ, was not in my vocabulary and saving grace or not being able to lose your salvation was something I did not  believe in.  But God changed me,  He brought me to a lowly place and I was humbled.  In a way I feel as if I had truly found salvation.  Maybe my attachment to following rules made it easier for me to wear the “Christian” label.

See, when you follow rules you can do that without thinking about it.  It doesn’t really take any effort on your part to play the role cause you are not always in character.  See as a Pharisee, you only act the part when people are watching.  The sad part is that we think we are fooling God too.  But when its for real, your way of life changes and you change.  Its not longer an act now cause you are who you are all the time and not just when people are watching.  It becomes personal, its between you and God.  You start to care more about how God sees you and not everyone else.  People, a lot of times get so caught up in what you do for Christ but what if you couldn’t move?  If it does not start within the heart its unless.

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