It is a bothersome thing to know what people want to hear. It ties my heart into knots to see people try to climb out of the barrel in their own way. I see desperation in their eyes; as they look ahead as well as looking behind in an attempt to live to two worlds. The reason for such a haunting feeling is because I’m included. I wanted to hear the same sweet words from someone respected by people. I came face to face with my own desperation as I looked my sinfulness in the eyes. This affliction is all just self-induced torment but we never will admit it. We calmer for answers to questions as we sit and wait like vipers in compressed coils ready to snatch blessings from the air. We know that it’s out there and we would do anything to make the suffering stop.  This eBook is about God intervening…

eBook – God Graciously Took My Crown

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