The Master’s masterpiece of a plan

We have problems with translations of the bible solely because it doesn’t say what we want in accordance to our planning of how we have set out to live our lives. We think God is so confusing but actual we will not let God speak for himself.

Already Satisfied

GOD deserves so much more from me, how I love him. But I’m not speaking from love but pride in me as Christ has already satisfied Him.  That may sound confusing in how I say that I love God and how he deserves the best of me.  You would not think that anything is wrong … Continue reading

Job: More Than A Conclusion part IV

On the outset I mentioned how traditionally Job’s story is seen as one of double blessings. It is viewed as a testimony of faith enduring to receiving even more. This traditional view leads to giving Satan too much authority over the children of God. It also leads to people believing that seasons of brokenness are all about God preparing to bless us with more. Yes, its true that it can happen but Job’s ordeal was all about his integrity.

Why God Created the Universe—For Good Friday

April 22, 2011 by: John Piper Subscribe to…   On the panel at The Gospel Coalition I was asked how my preaching may have become more Christocentric over the years. Here’s the summary of my answer. My devotion to the truth that God magnifies himself in all that he does has been increasingly refined in a Christ-centered … Continue reading

Father Forgive Us

My gracious and heavenly Father, Forgive us Lord for we have grieved your Holy Spirit and profaned your hallowed name.   We honor you with lip service while our hearts are as far from you as the east is from west.  We call upon you daily for blessings and ignore your commandments.  We have such high demands on you … Continue reading

God’s Grace

Saved by grace! There is no greater majestic theme for the Christian. It eliminates all grounds of boasting. Salvation by God’s sovereign grace gives a wonderful assurance. We have security in salvation because our sovereign God elected us in eternity, adopted us into His family, regenerated us, and sealed us with His Spirit. To appreciate … Continue reading

Crucified with Christ

    When Christ died on the cross the work of salvation was completed and Christ provided access for all believers into God’s holy presence. Therefore, salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone in Christ alone. God is a real person and our relationship with Him can be cultivated as with any other relationship. … Continue reading

Now What?

Image via Wikipedia My four year old son at dinner yesterday said “thank God I’m alive”. For a child to understand what it means to be alive is amazing. But as a adult its a little more deeper than just being alive. Why are we so glad to be alive? What is it in our … Continue reading


Image via Wikipedia I have a question? Who is Jesus Christ to you? Who is the Holy Spirit to you? Who is your neighbor? Who is it that you love more than yourself? Who do you treasure? Who is it that lives through you? Who is it that you serve? Who do you listen to? … Continue reading

Our True Rebirth: Church Culture and Our March Towards the Cross

A true Christian is committed to Christ, he/she has given themselves over to Christ and they committed to looking like Christ.