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What defines a church?  When you visit a church what is it do you look for?  Why do you go? Do you go looking for a feeling? Do you see yourself in the church or does it reflect who you are?  These are questions I ask often when I visit a church or when I meet Christians.  Usually the type of church you go to shines through you.  Or the things your pastor teaches you or don’t teach you.  I think at times we get caught up in the worship experience with all the singing, clapping and shouting away our problems, fears, anxieties, hang ups, let downs and burdens.  We see Christ as a pain killer and we abide in Him when the pain hits.  We are church-ed and preached at, to the point of no return.  Pastors concern themselves with the attendance numbers and the length of the membership role.  The churches today are filled with people outside of the communities that the churches stand in.  So now when a church looks to relocate, its usually out of a community and in a remote location.  Churches use to be the cornerstone of a community and stood as a symbol of hope to those that lived there.  Churches and church goers use to fellowship as well as worship.  What do I mean by that? well just watch the members as church is dismissed.  The people scatter for their cars, some do not even look you in the face.  They are off to their homes and back to their normal lives.  Some stay behind to only hear the latest gossip and rumors.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing the “Church” but the pastors and leaders.  If for once they would focus as much attention they do with the building projects on the discipleship of the believers things would be different.  The focus should be on the lives of the Christians, which is the true church the body of Christ.  The great commission is carried out everyday; when  a child of God steps out into the world living their life for Christ.  Everyday the world watches the lives of undisciplined, untaught, and unprepared believers.  And we wonder why the church attendance is in a decline or the communities haven’t changed.   Where the Christian is the Holy Spirit is there also.  Satan and his demons will respond to the presence of the Lord, he has to.  So if the Christians are not possessing the Holy Spirit? they can’t be saved because if the presence of the Lord is not affecting those that lived around a born again Christian something is just n0t right.  Demons cried out in the presence of Jesus and we are given that same spirit.  Believe it or not the Holy Spirit is GOD! So if everybody in your hood is a Christian, then a drug dealer shouldn’t be able to have peace in the presence of the Lord.  If everybody is saved like they say are then wife beaters can’t have peace in the presence of the Lord, do you get the picture.  Somebody is lying and God will not be mocked.

To change a community you have to change the people, to change the people they have to be born again, to be born again they have to be led to Christ, to be led to Christ is to be exposed to the Holy Spirit.  This all starts with the great commission, the gospel can’t go out unless we carry it out, take it out of the four walls and if we live it out.  But we have to be taught by our pastors and read our bibles.  We have to go beyond saving ourselves and care enough to want to save others from the eternal hell Christ saved us from.  You have to have a heart for the gospel.  Christ said they will know you are one of His by your love for your neighbors.   Christians, lets be real and stop being fake about what we profess to be.   God is watching.

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2 Responses to “Church Mission”
  1. He hated the way some Christians treated each other. Allyn Christian


    • anointedplace says:

      A true christian wouldn’t treat a fellow christian that way. The truth of the matter is that everybody that cries out Lord, Lord isn’t one of His. Just look at the fruit that they bare….


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