Profile: "Truth is always before us; it is when we wish not to see the truth, that is when we seek truth or peace. Yet the lord is the last place we look. Because we never was seeking truth only the right to sin." I have written personal experiences that I have had with God and what the Holy Spirit has shown me. I try to let it be known that I don't put myself above no one. And yet there have been some who find it necessary to half read my blogs and make assumptions about my faith. I am in no position to judge nor is anyone else. I love God and I love His grace. I serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I have matured to a point to know that He is God of all even if they wish not to admit it (Romans 1). The Holy Spirit has led me to put heart, love, mercy, grace and a spirit of repentance in what I write. I would rather write nothing if its not Spirit led.

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