My Generation of Pharisees: Repentance Part 2

Celebrities rarely feel remorse from the things that they are saved from.  They lack true repentance, plus they don’t realize what they were actually saved from.  Even “saved” Christians don’t really know what they are saved from.  Christians and even those still in the world don’t think that they are sinners.  Nor do they think they crucified Christ, yet the saved believe that He died for them?   So what is it that you think you were saved from?   We are all prodigal sons, well at least those that understand that we don’t deserve to sit at the king’s table.  When you know that you are wrong and still receive mercy and redemption your attitude towards the redeemer changes.  You praise him regardless because He saved you from death and gave you life with a purpose.  But since we don’t see salvation that way we will never truly live; cause we are still slaves to this world. A bird will never fly if it does not have faith in who he is, so does a Christian must know that he was born a sinner and is now a saint.  A Christian is the adopted child of God, being conformed into the likeness of Christ.  To see your future look at the life of Christ.  To see your end and purpose look to the heavenly Father, to find your way follow the Holy Spirit, and your strength is in the prayers of Christ Jesus as he sits on the right hand.

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