I didn’t do it

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As Christians, when we read the bible we sometimes think of a lot of things as past events.  We read the history of the Hebrew people and their journey and dealings with God all as past events.  We read the Gospel and the ministry of Christ as past events.  Even all of the miracles he did, to us all happened way back then.  The letters written that are apart of the new testament are also past events to us as well.  The problem is that we slowly begin to think the Gospel doesn’t pertain to us.  Then the doctrine passed down is not relevant to the church.

What’s worse is the Crucifixion of Christ becomes something they did.  The sacrifice of innocent blood is now placed on their hands, meaning the Romans and the Jewish priests who opposed Christ.  This type of thinking makes it hard for people to understand why they need a Savior because they didn’t do it.   Jesus died for all sins; past, present and future.  Which means you too.  So yes! all the dirt we did and still do, Christ was beaten, mocked, spat on and was crucified for that.   That sin you still do, He has already bled for that.  We put Him on that cross.  All the saints that suffered persecution afterwards and all of them that still do.  We are eternally bound and connected to them forever.   And so still reject Him as if they are perfect, Paul said no one was found righteous not one.  Even our very thoughts are mixed with malice and self centered views of life.  Sin in itself is a very selfish state of being.  We are born selfish and slaves to our flesh.

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