Two types of Christians

There was a father who had two boys. The oldest son was 12 years old and the other 7.  This father loved his sons with all his heart and would do anything for them.  Everyone that knew this father also knew how much he loved his sons.  They could see the love in his eyes and how he watched over them while they played at park.  They could see the love in his heart as he took care of  his kids when they were sick.  And if possible, he loved them even during punishment when the boys were bad.  The father was pretty successful but he and his family didn’t live a lavish life style, they were humble people.   And the boys needs were met; occasionally they would get the desires of their heart.  One day the father decided to treat the boys with a surprise toy shopping spree.  He first went to the oldest and asked him to take a ride with him.  The older son immediately started to question his father about the trip, how long they will be gone, why they are leaving, was he going to feed them and so on.  The older son basically interrogated his father’s intentions as if he father was either incompetent or didn’t have a clue.  It upset the father to see such of a lack of trust in him by his oldest son.  He had never given his child any reason to doubt him or second guess his actions.  Yet, the older son felt it necessary to question his faithful father.  Now don’t get me wrong,  the older son would do everything the father would ask of him.  Plus, the older son was a model kid.  He was never in trouble and followed the rules to the letter of the law.  He just never really like doing things he didn’t have control over.

So the father asked the youngest son to take a ride with him.  Before the father could finish his sentence the younger boy had put on his shoes and was heading to the car.   It filled the father’s heart with joy to see this child have so much trust in him.  Unlike the older son, the youngest always had his moments but he was sincere and loved his father with all his heart.  The youngest has had his share of mistakes but was always honest with his father.   Because of this the youngest son always held the things given to him in such high regard.  See the younger son, understood that sometimes he didn’t really deserve a lot of the gifts.

So the father and the youngest son left for their trip.  The father had a few stops to make a long the way but the son was patient and enjoyed the ride as well as the time alone with his father.   His father shared stories and the son learned more about his father, things he didn’t know.  During this trip, the bond between the two got stronger.  The two finally reached the toy store and the father told the son to get whatever he wanted.  While the father watched his little boy search the isles looking for that special toy the father decided to pick something up for the oldest.  After the toy store, they headed to the family’s favorite restaurant to pick up take out food for everyone.  To the oldest son’s surprise, his little bother returned with 3 toys.  He was upset and asked his father why didn’t he tell him were he was going and how come his little bother has 3 toys.   His father didn’t say a word and simply presented the boy with a toy.   Yes, it was only one toy but it was one in which the oldest has been asking about for some time now.  The father said to him, you should trust me and know that I have your best interest in mind.  You could have gotten more but you didn’t come.  You worry some much about yesterday and its already gone.  You even worry about today and I have already planned today for you.  And you constantly worry and plan for the future.  But no one knows what tomorrow brings nor is it promised to you.  Trust me and rest in me, knowing that I will take care of you because I love you so much.

So which one you?  The oldest or the youngest?  What does  your relationship with God look like?

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2 Responses to “Two types of Christians”
  1. aaronjacobs says:

    I stumbled upon your blog and this post. WOW! Great writing! Such a good parable about our Father…definitely an eye opener for me. To answer your question, I am both at different times. I see the older as being one under a slave’s mentality with performance as the main objective. I have my problems with this issue.

    For me, this post came to a point with one statment. ‘Unlike the older son, the youngest always had his moments but he was sincere and loved his father with all his heart.’ This is so good! The Father isn’t after perfect performance, but perfect love! So Good!



    • anointedplace says:

      When I read your comment, I actually cried out to God. It was at that moment I realized what it meant to rejoice over one. I felt that I was truly lead by the Spirit to write that. I read your response brought joy to my heart. You understood and God received the glory.

      Thank You,


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