Saints Flags (via Anointed Place Ministries)

I was reading through some old posts and came across this one. With the New Orleans Saints football team not doing to good and with the world in general I felt it fitting. Especially to Christians in the midst of struggle to be reminded of a Savoir that didn’t stay dead. And if He was not defeated then neither are we.

Saints Flags Image by TRAFFIK [US] via Flickr I live in central Texas now after relocating from southeast Louisiana sometime after hurricane Katrina. So I find myself in Cowboys country ( the Dallas Cowboys) surrounded on the eve of the Cowboys vs. the Saints in New Orleans. Unfortunately the Saints lost and I’m still flying my flags on the car. While sitting at a red light a thought crossed my mind. First of all, how many people are looking at me thinking; l … Read More

via Anointed Place Ministries

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