Driven to Christ

Christ on the cross
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I have been doing a lot of self examination and have come to a conclusion about the Christian lifestyle.  Yes, lifestyle and I meant to say that and not religion.  Christianity, in itself is a love and obedience towards God that is acted out each day.  Each day presents a challenge to the Christian.  But a lot of us look at being a Christian as a whole, meaning we tend to focus a lot on the end goal.  Which people automatically come to the end goal of going to heaven.  So a lot of people are driven to Christ just to escape hell.  Well you may ask, isn’t that’s why we come to Christ to escape hell.  Little do we realize that right  now the reasons that are starting to formulate in your mind about not wanting to go to hell or some of the same reasons prisoners lie to get parole.   Because there is no true reform of the heart, we are driven to Christ due to a fear of damnation.  There is no problem with that but it becomes a issue when that fear doesn’t lead to a true reverence of God’s mercy.     Without reverence you will do what is needed not to go to hell,  but this doing is all physical and does not carry with it love.

A knowledge of one’s own depravity should show them their error and the justification of the wrath of God, as well as to see His grace & mercy in a new light of love.  Knowing that once you accept Christ, you are going to heaven but it’s much more than that.  You are selecetd and it is not because we are so good because we are not.  We put Christ on the cross and not some people long ago.  We are born on death row and Jesus rescued us.  Innocent blood spilled for our actions; past, present and future!  God’s great love should drive you to Christ!  But  we have it backwords, so like the prison system we don’t reform sinners; we create better criminals.

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2 Responses to “Driven to Christ”
  1. Lifestyle says:

    Perhaps in living simply, we naturally rely more on God. Lifestyle


    • anointedplace says:

      Its true, more stuff we clutter our lives with the less we look to God. Sometimes, all of hopes, joy and happiness all hing on the things of this world. And God isn’t the source as He should be.

      Thanks for you comment, please come again.


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