Putting God First

I hear people talk about putting God first in their live all the time.  Then these very same people do things that goes against God?  I find that hard to believe that someone who sound so devoted and sound as if they have so much respect as well as fear God would live like that.  … Continue reading

Christ our Propitiation

Image via Wikipedia Please don’t let that title scare you off. That is a beautiful and profound word. Christ’s death turns away the wrath of God. The apostle Paul said Christ is our propitiation. He is a propitiatory sacrifice. It refers to what Christ did on our behalf before God. We are “justified as a … Continue reading

Blessed are Poor in Spirit

Beatitude 1 : Poor In Spirit ‘Poor in Spirit’ is a quite difficult phrase to understand. The word for ‘poor’ in Greek (’Ptochos‘) literally means having nothing, reduced to begging, like a beggar, totally broke. (Luke 6:20 uses only ‘poor’ in his version of sermon!) While monetary poverty can also be inferred from these verses, … Continue reading

The Cost of Sin

When we think of Christ and His atonement of sin; we rarely think about how serious sin is to God. We tend to take the Old Testament and God’s harsh dealings with sin and only apply them to Israel and the Mosaic Law. We quickly proclaim that we are not under law but grace. Yet … Continue reading

The Tabernacle: Brazen Altar

Image via Wikipedia The brazen altar, bronze altar, or altar of sacrifice was situated right inside the courtyard upon entering the gate to the tabernacle. The Hebrew root for altar means “to slay” or “slaughter.” The Latin word alta means “high.” An altar is a “high place for sacrifice/slaughter.” The altar stood raised on a … Continue reading