The Gospel starts with Sin

If we are born sinners then how can a bad tree produce good fruit? If our good works are like filthy rags to God than how bad are our bad works? We are lost and if we can’t admit that we are lost we will never accept direction.

Sin in the Life of the Christian

Image by millicent_bystander via Flickr Message by Wil Pounds (c) 2006 Proof that a person knows Christ as his Savior is not found in sinless perfection. The Bible does, however demand a changed life as evidence that a person has received new spiritual life from God. “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a … Continue reading

Thorn in the Side

We have allowed the world, Satan and our selfish pride dictate to us “the believer” how Jesus Christ’s church should be ran. Plus we now believe that we should take authority from God the Father and make God the Holy Spirit a slave. We have inserted ourselves as rulers yet refuse to take ownership of the results of the actions of our sinful hearts. Satan has done to us what he couldn’t do to Christ in the wilderness.

All of Grace

Grace—what a sweet fragrance. It is the greatest theme in the Bible. Abounding grace, wondrous grace, boundless grace, fountain of grace, unfailing grace, unmeasurable grace, electing grace, matchless grace, overflowing grace, redeeming grace, pardoning grace, plenteous grace, unfailing grace, fullness of grace, efficacious grace, magnified grace, refreshing grace, sovereign grace, salvation by grace, grace rich … Continue reading