Dirt Dauber

Growing up I use to help my dad around the house with repairs or with working on the car.  He would show me how to use the electric saw or a hammer.   While he was trying to teach me how to do something I would always say “I know”.  He would respond by repeating me … Continue reading

Are We There Yet?

I spend a lot of time praying for the Church and not just the local church but the Body of Christ.  I look out into the world from a isolated vantage point.  I see a lot of people wearing their Christian badges and proclaiming to be a child of God.  I see us saying one … Continue reading

Real Men are Christians

It sickens me to see young men throw their lives anyway for people who could care less if they lived or died. I hurts to see men just throw it anyway to be accepted by a person who would kill you without thinking twice. Satan sees you and laughs at your foolishness; cause you will die a death with Satan and you don’t have to if you would accept Christ. But you rather be a pawn and do as the world do instead of keeping it real and doing what God created you to do.


When we think of hanging out with friends or family the word fellowship is never used.  We usually reserve that word for church only.  Nor do we associate having a good time or having fun with fellowship or church.  When I say fun or good time, I mean it in the sense of what we … Continue reading

Is It Just Me?

I have been a minister for a little over three years now but have truly been a Christian for about 20 years.  Growing up I saw a tend amongst church goers and even now being an adult I see the by-product of that trend.  Out here in the “world” you see things and you see … Continue reading