Fruit of a Tree

The fruit of a tree bear witness to the depth of its roots. Its fruit give evidence of life. A tree without fruit cannot feed nor can it produce more trees. Anything less is an artificial tree and its fruit is merely decoration like a Christmas tree; it is present only for a season. No … Continue reading

We Forget Easily

I was reading some twitter feeds this morning and as I read my heart became heavy. I felt my soul sink and then I felt a fire bubble up. My eyes opened wide and then the Holy Spirit spoke to me… In our efforts of spreading the Word of God we can get to a … Continue reading

Christmas, Truth, Christ and the Mile-Long Buffet of Worldviews

There are layers of meaning in the phrase bear witness. It includes 1) speaking the truth of God as no man ever spoke; 2) being the truth of God in his person; 3) dying to establish the truth about God; and 4) sending us as the Father sent him to bear witness to the truth, both in speaking and dying.