Conflict Resolution

We are all in an ongoing continuous conflict with the worst part of ourselves.  There seems to be several ways to wage war on this battlefield. Some choose to give in by completely surrendering to this regime which is under the control of a dictator.  Some choose to fight using guerilla warfare tactics.  Those who do this will implore every know method as well as invent new ones to combat the very thought that they could actually be a bad person.  Some choose to use espionage to wage war.  They play various roles dressing up like actors or undercover cop.  They think that they are spies and will defeat the enemy from within.  Living a life trying to please two masters as they lie to everyone involved.  They will lie to themselves, their loved ones and the masters that they serve.  And then there are those who recognize the enemy.  They know of the battlefield and all of the land mines that await their every move. They respect the enemy being fully aware of their strength and power.  They have Intel on its array of weaponry.  They know their strengths, weaknesses, points of struggle and points of victory.  These combatants  are not hyper focused nor do they live in a delusion of the enemy not being real.  Like my father said to me once when I was learning to drive at night.  “Son, never stare into the headlights of oncoming cars because you will find your being drawn right into them.”   Lastly, there are those who are in a state of denial or strong delusion.  To them there isn’t a war, let alone a battlefield.  They wear rose colored glasses and everything is half full.  In their lives the battle is never won and thing ever changes, groundhog day.
We all have conflicts in our lives to deal with.  How we deal with them tells us who we have faith in.  Is our faith in ourselves, our enemies,  our armies, our lies, our resources, our blindness, or God.  God creates moments in our lives were there can only be one right choice and several horrible choices.  The decision God wants us to make is always the choice against the broad road.  The right choice is the one were God is glorified.

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