Whatever You Do, Do it Right

1 Corinthians 10:31 Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

The Lord meets everyone in the place where we are always found; in our hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, this is the same exact place Satan meets us as well. In this place lays our battlefield. All of our casualties lay here. It is here God tests us and Satan whispers to us. The Lord calls to us, “where are you Adam? “, through success and failure. In the realm of our hopes and dreams God reveals our general evils as well as the specific idols we serve. How we respond shows who we are and who we listen to. From these ashes we will either rise or willingly live in the dust. In the Seasons of plenty our hearts fill with thanksgiving for the blessings like storing grains in a silo. So when the tribulations come and the blessings are few you can hold on to the giver of those blessings. It’s a hard thing to admit that we pray to God to protect our gods or to give us new ones. We are calling our husband to tell him how much we love and depend on the other men. The Lord response by saying, “I love you too much to give you what you want so I will give you with you’re not looking for, grace.”
With our causes, rallies, groups, nonprofits, boards, committees, and such we try to ignore or buy back the truth of our sinfulness and eliminate the need for repentance and submission the Jesus Christ. Most of us can count on one hand the things we wished we had but it would take us a lifetime to count all of the blessings we never prayed for. Our minds natural goes to dark places when we stop thinking about Christ. And we give ourselves too many excuses to not think on things above.
I have found that everything that I do must be for the glory of God. It is in those moments when I do things for the glory of myself is when I find despair, frustration, hopelessness, anger, anguish, and heartache. In the seeking of my own glory, things fall apart. I so innocently masks things with words like; responsibility, ambition, determination, reliable, fatherhood, provider, and stewardship. In these moments I have anchored everything to the success of my actions to my heart and my hopes and dreams. I have set my justification and righteousness to my dreams. I’m hurt to see all that I have sacrificed has found no approval. I’m angered to see my work not being validated and my efforts returning void. My dream dies at my feet because with every action I’m counting on a blessing that I’ve earned. So everything I did, I did so men would speak well of me. Yes it would bless them but it is the motive or heart behind it is what the Lord sees. Deep down inside of me is the truth, beneath all of this world’s acceptable reasons.
I have learned that when I do what I do for the glory of God alone, things are different. The outcome doesn’t hold my heart. The responses don’t play me like an instrument. The approval of others don’t hold on my joy. What happens afterwards may sway me but I remain rooted. My future is not changed and my destination is not rescheduled. When you do a thing, forget the thing. The moment you start to think on that thing it slowly becomes your thing. Yet the word of God says all good gifts are from above. The word also says don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Because in the moment it starts to be about your glory. When it’s for the glory of God alone there is peace. When the dream is rooted in Christ, when the responsible thing rest in grace, when the ambition follow faith, when the sacrifice is for the sake of the cross, when the justification is in Jesus and the righteousness is the gift of Christ, and your heart is anchored in Jesus and you have given your hope to the Lord; there is the peace of God that surpasses all understanding.

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