Southern Hospitality

Philippians 2:3-5 Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others. In your relationships with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus:
 Southern charm, the elegant reminder of a time long gone.  What is left of this charm are the grand plantation homes of southern royalty that lay hidden throughout the region.  You walk up to the gates and look in awe at the majesty of the huge pure white columns.  You feel as if you have walked back in time plus right up to heaven’s gates.  But behind the glorious home and all of the splendor of the grounds is something more sinister. The white wash tombs of  tangible southern hospitality covers the stench of death; they are called slave quarters.
What imaginary to behold, how ferociously does it destroy the vision of southern comfort and grace.  It is with the same vile and violence do we desecrate God’s example of love in how we carry out his command to love one another.   We talk about “love” like it’s easy to do.  We talk about loving our neighbor and smile in each other faces. We build grand impressions of ourselves before others, exaggerating the level of our Christian love.  We build up ourselves with half truths and lies of love.  We seek to gain something from others as we give an appearance of love, seeking to fulfill our interests.   Human love always looks to its own interests first whether we admit it or not.  Love that flows from Christ, puts self’s needs in God’s hands; this is faith in action.  Godly love, loves its neighbors because God first loved the unlovable in us.  Love for others is in response to God’s glorious grace in the salvation and justification of Christ Jesus.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ gives us a standard of love that is firmly nailed to the cross.  This is how Jesus can tell us, if someone steals your coat, don’t hold back your shirt.  Without Christ, we will only love with a guarantee of return.   The love we like talking about, teaching about, preaching about is the same love the world only knows.  This is a love birthed in selfishness and since it doesn’t come out of faith, it is sinful no matter how sweet it may be or how well intended it is presented.  Even our righteousness is as filthy rags before the King of Kings.
4 Responses to “Southern Hospitality”
  1. Talitha says:

    Nonsense. God created the lower, inferior races (entries begging the chief of them) to serve his chosen people, and through our sins God has allowed the Jews to “free” (unleash) them on us, causing unprecedented destruction, crime, murder, rape, etc. to chastise us for our unfaithfulness. He grows were originally a gift from God – now, through our own collective faults, they have become nothing but a curse.

    And yes, I am a Southerner – hopefully an hospitable one.


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