What Life Is

Over the past several weeks I have been posting articles that on the outside are not related.  But after posting “Prognosis” a light came on and I saw a path of relationship.

Security in Christ:

We all grow up eating the American pie being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We are told to own land, get a good paying job, save money, pay as little taxes as possible and don’t give hand outs.  We are taught to make our money work for us… We are told that if you don’t have this or if you can’t go there; then you are not living.  They say dream big and project your desires and visualize them. Aim high amongst the stars and reach for happiness.  We are shown daily that peace of mind can be found in the  security of wealth.  They give us images to obtain to then sale us the products to be that.  So they put a god in a magic eight ball then teach you how to shake it in your favor.  Pursuing an object of wealth, desiring what you see others possessing thinking that it will make your life better is coveting.  Coveting is like the opposite of faith in God.  We all know that without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6).  With that in mind, think of all the times we have uttered the phrase: “if I only had…. my life would be complete or perfect”.  The blank in the sentence is not God, its some created thing and now our desire or source of delight is elsewhere.

Christ Centered:

Just like the tree who’s roots search for water no matter how free it thinks it is, it is still under the master’s control.  If the master desires its roots to go this way, He places a stone in the way.  If the master wants the root to slow down, he makes the path hard.  If the roots are too shallow, the master makes the climate cold.  You think that your trials and tribulations are for nothing?  It maybe that you have gotten from under the LORD and He is moving you back inline so you will put your eyes back on Him.  If we can’t walk a line while looking left or right, then who can we live this life for Christ looking left or right and not towards Christ?  We we rightfully see Christ we can live it.  When we put things in the light of Christ and align as well as center our lives accordingly, we will see transformation.  We should not glory in what God has made us or what we have gained because of Christ.  We should glory in Christ alone because otherwise we are glorying in a by product and not the producers.  If you read the Gospel of John, you will definitely notice a big difference from the Gospel of Matthew, Mark and Luke.  The Apostle John, is the only disciple that was with Jesus Christ from beginning to end.  Meaning, from selection of Jesus’ disciples through Jesus’ ministry, Jesus’ transfiguration, Jesus’ betrayal, trial, crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection.   So, when John wrote the Holy Spirit spoke through him with a very different perspective.  John wrote in light of a risen Christ, who rose with all power in His hands.  When you can see Christ as completely as he did, it changes you.  Your mindset is otherworldly, you view is eternal.  So since you can see your coming glorification through Christ, and you live like it because you know that you owe all to Christ.  You now have true worship and it will show in every aspect of your life.    It is powerful when you think about it, knowing that even our faith is a gift.  We brought nothing into this marriage and we signed no prenuptial.


What we consider as being freedom, having freedom or whatever gives us freedom is also our master and we the servant. How can I say such a thing? When we feel free or have a sense of liberty by doing something, having something, being apart of something or being with someone; we naturally long to keep it. Our desire to have that continued feeling drives us to do whatever it takes to maintain that freedom. It’s almost like an addiction. Whatever has given us this freedom can quickly take that freedom away, exchanging joy for bondage. When truth starts to chip away at it we will exchange the truth for a lie just to keep this “freedom” (Romans 1). We will shed off whatever hinders us from enjoying this “freedom” even our conscience.

Reading this you would think that everything that brings joy or happiness is evil. No, that’s not necessarily true in fact every good gift comes from God above (James 1:16-18). It is when the love of these things our source of freedom gets out of hand. Its when the focus shifts away from Christ. Once freedom becomes the center of worship, that’s when we are in danger. This is when God is no longer our true love and no we can’t have our cake and eat it to. This thirst for this “freedom” rips away at our contentment with the blessings and timing of God.  If you want to know what the lies are just take a look at the dynamic mirrors in every living room.  These lies offer the promise of keeping you happy and maintaining your freedom from our fears.  These lies and our depraved “freedom” have become our savior, as we have become slaves to sin again.  Don’t like to hear that?  But sin is not always what we want it to be, as sin is all things unholy and those that rob God of his glory.

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