Father Forgive Us

My gracious and heavenly Father,

Forgive us Lord for we have grieved your Holy Spirit and profaned your hallowed name.   We honor you with lip service while our hearts are as far from you as the east is from west.  We call upon you daily for blessings and ignore your commandments.  We have such high demands on you and yet we don’t do the things we should.  We hold close our traditions and earthly practices thinking that they will make us holy.  We cling to our own laws and requirements.  We run down a road that we have declared to be the right one. Our ways seem so right to us and you have already declared that you are the way, the truth and the life; we say that can’t be right.  Knowingly and unknowingly we deny Christ daily.  With insincere hearts we offer “God forgive me” then proceed to take your name in vain.  Without thought we take you lightly and we scoff at your long-suffering and lovingkindness.  We don’t see our brokenness as an opportunity to hold fast to Christ.  We don’t see our brokenness as discipline for the wondering sheep.  In the mist of brokenness we cry out save us, not knowing we have brought our own selves to the breaking point.  We glory in our independence and self reliance, all the while you command us to cast it off.  Our self reliance declares that we are without serious sin which doesn’t deserve judgment.  We stand with one foot in life and the other in death.  We have one hand on the world and the other trying to grip heaven.  We can’t seem to understand your word Lord, when you said that friends of the world are enemies of God.  We call you a God of love who has no requirements. We think that you are a husband who should not expect fidelity from His own bride.    We scoff at your grace because we don’t understand it.  Yet, you love us not because of our goodness because we have none regardless of how highly we see ourselves.  It is not because of our righteousness because on our best day we are unworthy.  The only one you delight in is your Son Jesus Christ and you have given Him freely.  You have gather a people that do not seek you and you love on them.  You have gather a people who cannot be righteous and you give them righteousness.  We were without faith unable to please you so you gave us the faith to believe.  We are trapped in sinful flesh and you knew it all along yet you dwell within us sealing us until your return.  You have made every effort to keep us and we willingly turn our backs to you at times.  Yet, you love us and we say over and over again prove it. You Holy Spirit gently points us back to the cross but it offenses us calling us sick.  The cross offenses us calling us void of the goodness needed to bring salvation and we still try to earn it.  Every time we strive to earn righteousness or salvation, we say Christ was not enough.  So Father forgive us because we fall short,  have mercy on us and let your grace flow.  May God’s grace always keep us focused on your greatest gift above all blessings our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Forgive us for our ignorance of you,  the bridegroom we say that we love.

To our Savior, where our life is hidden and our joy resides, Adonai Elohim who is our peace.  Lord Jesus live the life in us that God the Father has prepared for us before hand.  Let us be fruitful, let us abide in you and you in us.  Help us to be one in unity just as you prayed to the Father.  No matter how many times we fall you pick us up but we don’t fall purposely knowing that you will be there because that’s not love.  We now know but let us not forget that your sacrifice on the cross deserves a love that is true; a love that respects the cross and sees your value.  Forgive us Father and have mercy….


Chorus from the song “Mercy on me” by Sho Baraka featuring Chinua Hawk

Lyrics: Hook (Chinua Hawk) Lord, Lord you know I tried/ When I should have been strong I cried/ When I should have helped I walked on by/ When I should have told the truth I straight up lied/ I know your love has set me free/ But I keep on putting you up on that tree/ Oh Lord, Have your mercy on me/ Loving father put you grace on me, on me/ 2nd thru 4th Chorus addition Put Grace on me, on me (repeat 3x) Loving Father Put your Mercy on me, on me (repeat 3x) Loving Father Put you Mercy on me, on me

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