Just a few thoughts….

  1. Contentment is godliness; covetousness leads to idolatry 
  2. Do the thing you fear the most, and the death of fear is certain.
  3. Proverbs 28:1The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion. 
  4. How can the box take the diamonds glory? yet clay vessels steal God‘s glory
  5. we conform our minds to the world so effortlessly but when asked to renew our minds to Christ we look dazed & confused
  6. How does truth sets you free? it shows you the truth of God’s grace & makes liberty in Christ clear 
  7. You can’t talk about faith, hope, and trust without the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  8. To walk by faith is not the process of living as if God is a magic genie
  9. Without faith we can’t please God nor can we even begin to know God without it… 
  10. When you obey God it helps your relationship with Him grow stronger and more meaningful! 
  11. “Don’t judge!” is said by people who don’t like it when we dare to have a Christian worldview. 
  12. Church is a rest stop not a hotel that is over run by programs designed to keep you inside
  13. We make a lot of fuse about our “faith” yet when it counts the most to be bold in our relationship with Christ we bow out.
  14. One thing I don’t like about technology is buzz words.  People seem to throw them around and then others think that they know a lot of stuff.  Now Minister throw around buzz words and catch phrase now they are more holy.
  15. Sinners don’t like you to tell them that they are sinners and Christians really hate it when you say that they have sinned.
  16. As Christians we should be offering the Gospel to the lost and to the saved we should offer discipleship which includes; correction, rebuking, edification,  love, support, prayer and fellowship.  I lost you at correction didn’t I…
  17. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on ourselves?
  18. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on our families?
  19. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on our neighbors?
  20. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on our enemies?
  21. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on our spiritual leaders?
  22. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on our missionaries?
  23. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on our local church?
  24. In our prayer life how much time do we spend on the body of Christ/
  25. In our prayer life how much time do we spend worshiping God?
  26. In our prayer life how much time do we spend in thanksgiving to God?
  27. In our prayer life how much time do we spend repenting?
  28. In our prayer life how much time do we spend listening to God?
  29. In our prayer life how much time do we spend asking for God’s will?
  30. In our lifetime we will spend a majority of if willingly blind to the sin around us because we don’t want to rock the boat.
  31. The sad thing about sin is that along with it comes denial to the point we can physically watch ourselves die and still say that we don’t have a problem.
  32. Satan is not that smart we are just that dumb plus we refuse to read our bibles and he is very aware of that fact.
  33. The next time you decide to read the bible try this; read it with the mindset of Christ and not yourself or your personal needs.
  34. Usually a person reads the bible looking for comfort and 100% of the time the Holy Spirit is convicting you about reading because that person needs correction.  So that’s why man invented the books of comfort verses so we don’t have to read the chastising ones.
  35. The next time you are eating dinner with your family just look and listen… You may very well hear God speak.
  36. How much of our children desires and wants are of our own doing?  Are we using our kids as a scape goat for us to pursuit earthly treasures?
  37. We tell our kids to pursuit everything with their heart, everything but Christ.
  38. We teach our daughters to value money more than anything when they date and we judge the young men they bring home based on his earning ability.
  39. We have so far to go but God is merciful and faithful; Christ declared that He would not lose one!
  40. In the midst of our brokenness, sufferings, trials and tribulations; let us prayer for wisdom as well as the God would deliver us from evil.  Reason being because perspective is critical as well as wisdom in making godly choices as we seek to ease the pain.
  41. When local churches stop focusing on “kingdom building” and just focus on “the great commission”, then maybe our communities would be better off. Yet we focus on filling seats and not changing hearts giving glory to God
  42. When trouble comes, listen to God and pray that He changes you and not the situation.  Because the problem is not the situation but the stewardship of our lives.
  43. When we focus on the situation that we are in we will lack discernment.
  44. What makes Christianity hard is that we can’t control our God nor earn His favor, see as Christians we have to have faith in someone other than ourselves and our abilities.  Christian is against human nature
  45. Our relationship with Christ is shaped by our understanding of salvation.
  46. The old testament scares most because they see a holy God and unbridled  wrath
  47. They love the new testament  because they see love yet don’t understand that the wrath is still there its just being beaten on Jesus Christ’s back
  48. The parable of the sorrow says so much about us and were we are in our spiritual lives
  49. Without God’s grace, mercy and love we are truly lost no matter how hard we try to find “god” aka ourselves.
  50. Romans 9:19One of you will say to me: “Then why does God still blame us? For who resists his will?” 20But who are you, O man, to talk back to God? “Shall what is formed say to him who formed it, ‘Why did you make me like this?’ “[h] 21Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for noble purposes and some for common use?
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11 Responses to “Speak”
  1. Joseph says:

    I really liked this – Church is a rest stop not a hotel that is over run by programs designed to keep you inside.

    I have something churning inside of me that needs to burst out.. Lord, I seek our Guide’s guidance. In Jesus. amen.

    I heard a sermon once where Church is not the destination. It is the launch pad and the refueling station. The journey is the destination.


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