The King and His Horses

Coat of Arms left side
Image by kenjonbro via Flickr

There was once a righteous King, who in all he did was good and his judgments were just. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon as the King set out on a hunting expedition. He was accompanied by the royal court guard as they crossed into a green valley lush with vegetation. The King’s heart was set upon hunting and enjoying the company of his trusted court guard. But in the distance his eyes fell upon a band of wild horses and his heart was filled with joy. The King put aside the hunt for the chase and gave the order. So he went head first for the band, along the way he selected those that he wanted. The King gave the commission and the guards dare not go against it. Not one spoke in such a way as to who the King should select or that the King had erred in his selection. In his righteous judgment a motherly mustang was chosen as she saw the men approach and she shielded the young colts. Without regard did she stare down the approaching soldiers without fear. Next the King selected a young steed full of life and reckless regard. He was full of himself and was not afraid the men and tried to out smart them. There were several more but the one whom is the point of this story was a bold one full of pride. This is the horse that King had selected for himself which he would ride into battle. This steed full of fury and power stood bold before the King daring to be captured. The great horse looked upon the King with disgust as the righteous one dismounted the royal horse. The lord of that land walked steadily to the wild horse with his arms spread wide apart. He took off his robe and dropped his sword. The guards approached the king from behind begging him to withdraw but the King refused and commanded them to remove his armor. They removed the breast plate and then next they removed the crown. Off went the royal colors and coat of arms; next was the fist or iron revealing his gentle hands. Finally they removed his helmet and the light of the sun as well as the stars his eyes did shine. The look of the Kings glare stun the horse and he stopped in his tracks. The love in the Kings eyes were that of a father upon his new born son. The bold steed bowed helplessly without warning. There was no longer chasing or pursuing neither did the King have to rope the horse about the neck as the soldiers did. With a touch the horse gave it over to the King and he mounted the once wild horse.

The King rode this horse that was once wild into battle, this horse and those others chosen by the King carried the will of the King into all parts of the kingdom. These selected horses carried the words and deeds of the royal court guard to all the land. Those that were once lost and wild not once tried to tell the King what the path should be, nor did they make demands of their master. Their will was for the King, as the King rescued them from a life of wondering. No longer did they live a life of worrying about survival as now they only concerned themselves with living for the righteous King. The horses through training and conforming to likeness of their new master as well as other redeemed steeds learned that horses place is in submission to the King and their riders. They learned that the bridle is for correction and not judgment. They learned that it is better to be obedient now, then to receive the whip. But that young one, he is continuously having to be broken as his will to do what he pleases is strong. The young one has not learned that the King wishes to care for him. The young one has not learned that the King can do all things better. The mother has learned to submit and put her trust in the King’s sovereignty and she has returned her colts to the care of the Ruler. She knows that all she can do is teach them the King’s way.

God bless you & may the Holy Spirit lead you
Rev. W. R. Martin Jr.
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