Do We Fear God?

No one really fears God… We fear losing our comfort level more.  Giving Him praise merely sounds good but no one means it… How can you speak his name and sin against him in the same breath? You can give away your life but if the hands are covered in sin; then what good is the gift? CAIN knows the answer. In order to worship the idols we create we lower the standards of God’s holiness and lean on traditions for salvation. We separate the head from the body to keep the mouth clean but what is in the heart the head does and the head obeys its master.  A mistake is one thing but a lifestyle is a fruit given birth by the dominate spirit whether good or evil. We change what is good to be acceptable ignoring that our goodness is filthy to God… HE DEMANDS COMPLETE HOLINESS and His love gave us Jesus Christ because He knew that our sinful nature would not allow us to live such high standards.  So our old man dies with Christ and our new man is raised with Christ.  And by the power of the Holy Spirit we need to live.  And we are being conformed to the likeness of our Savior Jesus Christ.  But I guess we really don’t want that do we?

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