Who Shall the Lord Send?

Lord God hear my prayer,

We need less overseers and bishops; no more of the “blessed and highly favored” and more Saints serving the Savior.  Lord send us servants and shepherds; Lord we need vessels that are welling to be presented to be filled only to be poured our again and again.  We need men that are sent and not manufactured.  Lord God when need men how are Holy Spirit filled, seeking to be servants and served.  We don’t need those wishing to be crowns and thrones to be seated and set high before the Saints of God.  Lord the body of Christ needs those to present your word without fear, men who will swing the “sword” to kill evil and not just for show.  We need shepherds who will swing the two edge sword with intent and authority; having a solid foundation in the apostles and prophets with Christ as the Chief Cornerstone.  This war is real and is not an exhibition. We are judged on execution and not having a pretty form.  We need men and not sleeping watchmen, turning their heads as the wolves eat the sheep.  They carry some away; whispering in the ears twisting the Word as they stick to Deuteronomy 28:1-14.  Their lips stink of rotten honey; full of blessings and no justice.  Home grown Saints write off sanctification looking for benefits, not to be set apart.  They seek excuses and not God.  We are starting and stopping when it gets hard, yet Christ carried the cross until He dropped.  The Holy Spirit has been sent, yet we live life like a math student in calculus class who is to lazy to use the calculator.  We desire answers with no understanding.  We want glory so we stand to testify but not to witness nor to call others to repentance.  We are just like the Pharisees praying in the town square, the secret place is to humble for us to pray.  We break the bank to give for the church‘s glory not the Holy God’s glorious gift, thinking we can pay Christ off to forget our sins.  The serpent’s lie won’t go away cause he has our heart and we love the lie that we won’t die if we sin. We love the God of mercy and grace forgetting that we were saved from His justice that will still be handed out on Christ’s return.  Lord God hear my cry, before we are all doomed to hell.  God see how we worship our flesh.  We rearrange our lives to glorify our bodies.  The Lord gets a few hours cause we think it all belongs to us.  We just don’t know what it means to be a steward but the owner is coming back for His talents.  He already knows the balance but we will still lie. We cry Lord, Lord asking for us to know His will when we know that we’re not going to do it.  Lord please send us a Isaiah who knows that we are sinners, who know that he should have died, who is regenerated and desire to be poured out.

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