Walking in The Sun

Photo of a cloud illuminated by sunlight.
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As the moon light fades I’m reminded of the sins

The things I tried to hide under the moon’s glow

All revealed and never hidden from His view

They out number the stars

I allow them to box me in prison bars

The guilt of it all beats me down and I am ruined

In the corner of my eye I see Him rise

To ashamed to look His way so I cover my face

As the light rises above all and chase away the darkness

The path is seen, so far from it I am

Yet my distance from Him is far, His warmth touches me

His judgment is like a million suns but His love is warmer

The rays from His glory draws me near

It is something that is hard to explain

I just love that flame and its continuing to call me

It melts the ice over my heart

His holiness is hard to look at so I cover my eyes and grab His hand

His path on this road is hard to follow

It burns my feet so on His righteousness I not only walk but stand

His grace is outstanding and amazing to behold

His grace takes my breath away

All I can manage to say is holy, holy, holy

I’m walking in the Sun, standing as a witness to His glory

I will do anything to reflect it

Everything that I am now is not of my own doing

But Him that I’m pursuing

At times I fall and yet He doesn’t drag me even though I wished He would

He stops by my side and prays for me and with me

He touches my face and He sees me for more than I am

He loves me and I can do nothing to repay Him

He loves my company and just being with me

He died for me, He did more than any man could

So I would lay it down just to be laid to rest in His presence

If I can no longer walk in the Sun

I would gladly died reflecting it

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