Real Men are Christians

Awhile back there was a rap song by Ice Cube that had a chorus that really shocked me.  Of course some well see this as a Christian taking things to serious.  Some will say that I’m reading to much into what was said.  But of course people feel that they say anything and never have to take responsibility.  The thing is that it reflects a certain attitude or view of Christians, especially Christian men.

From the song “Go to Church

[Chorus 2X: Ice Cube + (Lil Jon)]
If you a scared mother@$%# go to church (GO TO CHURCH)
If you a gutter mother@$%# do your dirt (A DO YOUR DIRT)
If you a down mother@$%# put in work (A PUT IN WORK)
IF you a crazy mother@$%# go berzerk (A GO BERZERK!)

Well it’s very obvious of how he feels about cowardice men, that they all belong in church.  Today in most churches the men are out numbered and a lot of them are brought to church by their wives or girlfriends as well as mothers.  Rarely do you see men bring their families to church.  But the notion that scared people belong in church is unsettling.  I think that I feel so disturbed by such statements because they are so very far from the truth.  I could talk about the Christians that were hunted like animals and tortured or talk about how even today Christians are killed and churches destroyed.  In the past and now in some areas of the world going to church can cost you your life.  The weakest man in the world can be brave when he is drunk, high and holding a gun.  The weakest man is the one who is brave when he is drunk, high and holding a gun.  The weakest man is the one who is strong when he is amongst the clones.  They all stand brave against God.  But a man who stand against what everyone else says to do is braver.  Do you know how much courage it took for Roman citizens to become Christians and go to church?  In Roman the emperor was god and to openly declare Christ as God meant death!  When a Christian says that there is only one way to God and that is Christ; the entire world turns on them.  Our culture speaks of “keeping it real” and yet the culture encourages us to be like someone else.  Or it tells you that you have to look like them to be happy.  Better yet you have to behave, speak, walk, and anything they can think of to be accepted as well as to be happy.  Regardless of what you may feel inside or think; you are not allowed to do that.  The culture tells you that you are free and then turn around and try to control what you buy, where you go, what you think, how you love etc.  We are in a prison of sin and are told that if you go to church that you’re less of a man.  You are scared and unless so go ahead to  church little boy…. Don’t believe the lie! To know who you are, you must know your Father.  But to know the Father you need to be able to approach Him but to do that you have to submit yourselves to Christ.  To submit yourself to Christ, you must cast off your rebellious will and admit your sins and repent of them.  A man that thinks he is good will never accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ; thus have no hope of redemption and justification.  Men of the world are slaves to sin with a long chain around their necks.  They are truly trapped inside the Matrix.  Think about that…. Some of them think that they are such men, cause you can get drunk, high, hold a gun (can’t shoot straight), have sex with many women, drive a car, pee standing up and etc.  All of that makes you a fool but you laugh at the men who go to church.  They laughed at Noah, remember that?  Just looking at Peter, James, John and Paul as well as many other Apostles; how dare they say Christian men are scared?

There is a show called the “First 48” and its about cops in different cities trying to solve murders or get leads within the first 48 hours.  I can’t tell you how many times I have seen these “real men”, “thugs”, “gangstas” or whatever they wish to be called; start crying like babies when faced with life in prison.  It sickens me to see young men throw their lives anyway for people who could care less if they lived or died.  I hurts to see men just throw it anyway to be accepted by a person who would kill you without thinking twice.  Satan sees you and laughs at your foolishness; cause you will die a death with Satan and you don’t have to if you would accept Christ.  But you rather be a pawn and do as the world do instead of keeping it real and doing what God created you to do.

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