We Forget Easily

"Give us Barabbas!" Were they all to...

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I was reading some twitter feeds this morning and as I read my heart became heavy. I felt my soul sink and then I felt a fire bubble up. My eyes opened wide and then the Holy Spirit spoke to me… In our efforts of spreading the Word of God we can get to a point of being to wise. What I mean is that we forget that we were in the crowd at one point crying out Barabbas! give us Barabbas! At one point a murderous, selfish, self center, self persevering and sinful person is all that we cared about. And as we preach the Gospel and teach the Gospel and try to tell others about Christ we suppress our inner Barabbas in shame. But we don’t realize that we do the Gospel a great disservice in the process. I’m not saying that we should act like our old man but don’t let others think you were born without sin. When Christ appeared before the disciples, Thomas couldn’t believe that the Lord that was crucified and died on the cross. Jesus gladly showed him the nailed scared hands and feet; Thomas even put his hand in Jesus’ side where the spear entered. Our sin nature has not been removed but we have been given power over it and Satan has been crushed. Don’t let the shame of our sinful nature hide the transforming power of Christ’s work on the cross. Don’t hide behind your new self to the point others think you was born that way. When we don’t talk about what the Gospel has done for us; we take away from God’s truth and our witness to that truth which is in the death of our old self and resurrection into our new self by the redemption of Christ’s blood. See its all apart of our witness; Christ died for all sin past present and future. Our witness and the Gospel transformed us; past, present and future. We once cried out to save ourselves and send Christ to the cross instead as we called out for Barabbas. We are so stupid and didn’t realized that God used our selfishness and sinful nature to complete His purpose.

During this time of the year we celebrate a birth and forget He was born to die and they gladly killed Him and we gladly deny that we needed His substitution for sin. We stick out our chest and say full of pride that we don’t need salvation. We forget who we are and how we got to where we are. Like babies that learn to walk. After we can stand on our own we pull back our arm from our Father. Yet it is our Father that picks us up and again our pride removes us from His presence. God had to break Jacob’s hip, take David’s son, make Paul blind; sheeps and goats never learn do they…

God bless you & may the Holy Spirit lead you
Rev. W. R. Martin Jr.
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