The Baptism of Jesus
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I have decided that for the rest of my life right NOW! I will live for Christ. Right NOW! I will carry my cross, be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. I will be unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. At this moment I will reflect God‘s glory and act like I do indeed belong to Him. I will love my brother as Christ has commanded so that they will know that I’m one of His disciplines. At this point in time I will love the body of Christ because how can I love God whom I have never seen and hate my brother and sisters whom I see everyday. I will do this because I have heard Him knock at my door and I very much so desire to fellowship with Him. So I have yielded to the call of the Holy Spirit to be holy, to be the living stone, the member of the royal priesthood, to bare fruit and to be God’s vessel and extension of grace. I have a desire to please Him because He loved us first without hesitation with all of our faults. Because His love is based on who He is and not what I do. Because I do so many things that I should not do and the things I should do I don’t do. But right NOW! I will present myself as a living sacrifice and declare war on my flesh; because Christ defeated sin and death; so I’m no longer a slave to sin. I have been justified, redeemed, reconciled back to my one true heavenly Father. I have never belonged to myself; yet the world thinks otherwise. From the foundation of the world I was bought with a price. I know that I am a temple and the holy of holies is gone because His Spirit is indwelling and has sealed me. God the Holy Spirit has finalized the blood purchase. By He’s power I will stand victorious over sin cause my Savior died once and for all; for every and all sins now and to come. In this I shall seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His righteousness and the desires that the pagans waste their lives for shall be added unto me. My Father has opened up His home to me and invited me in. He sat me down and told me that all I need to do is pick up my cross and follow Him. He is my provider and He knows my needs. So right NOW, I live for Christ and I will never regret yesterday and not be anxious of tomorrow because yesterday I for sure lived in His will and in the future I’m living in His grace. I’m that college kid who lives at his parents house while going to school. I don’t have to work cause I have grace as well as a father who provides. So I focus on studies; seeking Him. In my efforts my father sees me and is filled with joy so he blesses me. Since I know all that he does I’m humbled, I approach as a child and in my meekness he delights and lifts me up because I brought myself low. I reverence my father because he didn’t have to do it. And when I graduate, he will be there full of love because I now I look like him. I have learned and was shaped. I’m a new man free from my short comings as a child because I was corrected, purged, pruned, and persevered to bare even more fruit. This all happened because right NOW for Christ I live and for Christ I’ll die and I did die… to myself; yes I killed my flesh and my pride.

It is realizing that God choose to call me out of the world that strengthens my resolve to serve Him always.  Everyday I bear my cross and deny myself; everyday right now!

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2 Responses to “Now!”
  1. Acidri says:

    Thanks indeed for the topic. “I got saved today” is an article you will find interesting. Just one more nut for you to munch on tonight.


  2. anointedplace says:

    Thanks for the visit, I have a post titled “Finding God” on my site that speaks on that topic. God does the drawing and calling. We are sinful by nature and only desire to for fill our own will. How could we hope to choose God? But God chooses us. It was upon reflecting on this biblical truth that I wrote this post.


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