The Passion of Our Christ

As parents, when our children are sick it affects us in a profound way.  I know that personally I hate to see them sick.  It hurts my heart to see this helpless and defenseless child deal with being sick and inflected.  Sometimes, they can’t tell you what’s wrong or what hurts.  They can’t always clearly describe the pain or tell you exactly what’s going on with them.  They just lay there limp and lifeless just wanting to get better.  They just lay on you wanting to be held and desiring comfort. Other times they run around as if they are not sick at all.  But you know better and you try to get them to hold still or to be careful.  You warn them to take it easy and not to try to do everything that comes to mind.  You know that they think they can just do whatever they want but they are just to weak and need your help.  When kids are like this its hard for them to get well cause they are just to stubborn.  It usually takes a major regression to get them to realize that they can’t get better without their parents help.

Can you see the love and concern of God in the mist of this.  This is how our heavenly Father feels as He looks upon His chosen people(Israel) as well as His called out elect (the Church).  We are sin sick and some realize it while others just don’t get it.  Which one are you?  I know I have prayed while holding my kids; “God, let me take on their burden give me their sickness so they can be healed.”  The Holy Spirit reminded me of Jesus praying about the cup that was before Him and He desired the will of God be fulfilled.  God desired His son to take on our sin sickness in order for us to be healed.  God held us close and took the cross that we maybe justified, reconciled, redeemed, sanctified, and forgiven plus made whole again.  We are being restored to holiness through the redemption of the blood of Christ.  His passion caused Him to become a servant that we might be saved from ourselves.  Cause we are more like that child who thinks that they are ok because they do act sick like everybody else.  Sometimes pride blinds us to the point of no return as we head for the cliff.

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  1. dcmattozzi says:

    Thanks and God Bless


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