Is It Just Me?

I have been a minister for a little over three years now but have truly been a Christian for about 20 years.  Growing up I saw a tend amongst church goers and even now being an adult I see the by-product of that trend.  Out here in the “world” you see things and you see how people see you, how they think about you and what they think of you.  You also see how they see Christ and what they think of Christ.  You see how the world as well as the “saved” view God and His inspired Word; the bible.  When you speak to people both the saved and unsaved expect you to speak to them a certain way.  Right of the bat, they look for compassion from you.  They don’t want condemnation or correction even if it is in love.  They want to see Christ in you but they don’t want to hear Christ from you unless you are at church.  People don’t feel that Christ should be everywhere unless they need Him.  They don’t feel as if God should be everywhere and they seek to change God’s nature.  In the process, I feel rejected and the human side wishes to be accepted.  Of course the Holy Spirit quickly reminds me that my Lord was rejected as well.  Even “church” people are this way.  But its not really all of their fault that they are the way that they are.  A lot of pastors feel that they can’t correct the people because then the people will stop coming so they pacify them.  Pastors tickle the ear to keep the seats full and the collect plates going.  And people go to church to; feel better about themselves, to feel better about their situations, to have a good time, to check it off their to do list, to see who else is there, to wear their new clothes, etc.  If it wasn’t true then the same amount of people that are in Sunday morning worship service would be at bible study.  No one says that they go to church to learn, grow, to fellowship, to give, to be a blessing, to give God thanksgivings, to pray and the like.  People go to church to meet up with God so they can feel better.  Then just like a little puppy they tell God, stay as they go back home to do what they do.  We feel that the church is God’s place and there he should stay.  Just listen to how we speak about God, “I need to find Jesus“, “go the church looking for God”, “catching the Holy Ghost”, “come to church to find your blessing”.  We have completely removed God from our lives. So when I or anybody else bring God out of church we look strange and they make us feel like we are crazy or fanatics.  But they are either not taught or just don’t know that every believer that is in Christ is indwelt with GOD the Holy Spirit.  The Church is a community of believer and we worship in fellowship of the Spirit.  Thus, we are commanded to worship GOD the Father in Spirit and in Truth.  We are not taught how to worship God, how to pray to God, we are not taught that we are Saints but we are taught that the saved are sinners.  We’re taught the things that keep coming back for band aids.  People treat God like aspirin and when He is more like an one a day vitamin.  We carry God the Holy Spirit where ever we go.  Now matter what it is you are doing God is with you.  People have pushed God off onto the building and the pastor but the pastor sometimes drop the ball by not encouraging individuals to study or at least tell them why they should study.  People come seeking the will of God but His will is in His Word, the bible.   Those that try to encourage; growth, study, true worship, lifestyle change, true repentance, love of God, love of Christ, love of Holy Spirit, spreading the Gospel, sound doctrine, blessing others, loving others we are seen as Jesus freaks.  We don’t realize how serious this is… But when your eyes open and you find yourself in hell it will be to late.  We believe in the Spirit of God but the devil and his fallen angels don’t exist.  God is real, satan is real and he is at work just look at all the violence in the world.  We are at war and don’t even know it.

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  1. willohroots says:

    So well said! Keep it up!


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