The Gospel in Full View

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When we think of the gospel message we see it with self righteous blinders on because the pastor is never talking about us during altar call. Due to this we never really see our sin and the need of a savior clearly. We don’t really see the seriousness of atonement and justification.

We read about Adam and his transgression against the law of God by eating of not just a fruit but from the tree of knowledge of good & evil.   Adam loses his innocence and is no longer holy. Now, here is were we associate sin and the need for Christ’s crucifixion and it sticks to Adam and him only.  We then associate sin and behavior not knowing that sin is a state of human nature and is a spiritual rebellion against man’s original state of holiness and original image of his creator, God.  Sin simply manifest itself through our flesh in the form of behavior. Sin is rebellion and disobedience to the will, law, nature, purpose and rule of God. If what you do is against God’s order it is sin!

When the God of the universe cursed Adam and Eve, He cursed all! If I gain debts its passed to my wife, if we have kids it passes to them. My debt effects the whole family.  If I died with that debt my family will still have to pay it, especially if its a tax debt and there is nothing they could do about it because the IRS makes the rules.  If they don’t pay the debt there could be jail time.  On top of that, they will accumulate their own debts in addition to mine.  So even though it was not us that sinned in the garden that sin nature was passed on to us and yet we still act like we are not capable of sinning we still continue in sin, because it is now apart of our nature.   If that wasn’t true then pre K teachers wouldn’t have to teach little kids how to share and why biting is not right.

So why the Savior?  God requires holiness and sinful things He can’t stand.  Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden because they were not longer holy.  Satan was kicked out of heaven for his sin.  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed the tower of babel and sent a flood all to destroy sin.   The wages of sin is death and we do not understand that His holiness requires judgment on sin.  But because He loves us, He wanted to not only clear our debt of sin but provide a means to over come the reoccurring debt that will happen due to our sinful nature.  But Christ couldn’t just die on the cross because that justified us but He had to rise from the grave to conquer death and take away the power of sin.  He is now our mediator to the father and the Holy Spirit seals the deal and finalize the purchase Christ made on the cross.    Christ was on that cross and suffered those beatings because of Adam and the sons of Adam who is us.  We talk about the death penalty and things but Christ’s blood is on our hands, yet God washed us clean.   This process starts the return to our intended position which we lost in the garden of Eden, our holiness and perfect fellowship with our Heavenly Father.

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One Response to “The Gospel in Full View”
  1. anointedplace says:

    It is not about judgment but more about the integrity of The Gospel of Christ and its fulfillment in the adopted children of the Living God.


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