Two Trees

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I have these two trees in my yard.   When we first moved into the house it was winter and both trees were bare.  I watered them and gave the care they both needed.  The tree in the backyard began to sprout beautiful green leaves and before I knew it, it was full.  The tree in the back stood tall and strong.  Yet the tree in the front yard had not grown one green leaf.  I continued to water them and watch their progress like a egger father waiting in the delivery room with his wife.  Then the summer set in and the temperature steadily rose above 100 degrees.  We started to go outside less and less.  The watering started to follow suit.  Soon the tree in the backyard leaves either fell off or just  turn brown.  The tree in the front yard never really recovered and it died.

Months later to my surprise, one afternoon while in the backyard I noticed a few green leaves on the tree so I started to water it in the evenings.  During the same time a small tree began to grow right next to the died tree in the front.  The more I water and nurtured the trees, they continue grow and regenerate in their own unique ways.  Only the tree in the backyard recovered the way I wanted but the died tree brought along a new tree in its place.  Of course now the new tree that is growing will require more attention from me and a slightly different approach.  It will need more  faithfulness on my part and some true gardening skills.  But it will give me the joy of growing and producing my own tree.  I get to watch this one develop, just like a father rising his kids.  The other one however has developed a reliance to the harsh heat and even minor neglect.  The tree in the backyard will be able to stand up to the trials it will face whenever I can’t immediately tend to it.  It will be able to hold on and wait patiently on my arrival.

So I have a natural tree and one that was grafted in.  I’m responsible for both and each requires a different set of instructions for care.  In one situation, the tree in the backyard recovered fulling and weathered its trial.  It has suffered and is made strong.  On the other hand, the tree in the front yard died but produced a new life.  Its foundation is natural and not grafted in, it will endure hardships from a young age.  It will be trained from the very beginning and will survive.  I will develop a deeper appreciation of the new tree, yet will care for them the same since they both belong to me.

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