Ugly Truth

Do people really want to know God?  Are we just happy with the little we know?  I watched my kids explore and research about Michael Jackson after his death.  They heard so many things about him until they had to know more.   Now, looking back on that I wonder have any of us done that when we were first introduce to; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

Think about it, you learn of a God who scarifies His only Son as a sin offering for all of mankind, already knowing some will reject Him and we don’t want to know more?  I bet if someone paid all your bills for a year you would break you neck to find out who it was and want to develop a relationship with this person?

I think its the fact that we would rather just date God because marriage would mean commitment and we aren’t ready to give up the bachelor pad.   You know exactly what I mean too.  Just think about the people whom you just “date”.  Especially the ones who want a relationship and we refuse to commit to them.  I’m not even going into detail about it cause you already know.  If we really what to know God and have a meaningful relationship with Him, then we have to read His word.  Not only that but we have to submit to Him.  We have to get past reading only the scripture we feel comfortable with.  A lot of the things in the bible we just don’t want to hear.  As we read the Holy Spirit will convict us of the sin in our lives.  But least face it, we are all born sinners so get over it Christ has.

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