Is it me or God?

I have read several articles that I marked to write about but not of them seem to move me.  But what does is the notion of blessings.   Have you ever meet a Christian or group of Christians who always talk about how blessed they are?  Their blessings usually are tangible things like; a house, job, money, cars and stature.  This is only to name a few.  I can’t help but wonder,  when we are working 50+ hours and saving money as well as maintaining perfect credit; who is it that we have in mind?  Some would say that by doing all of that we are bringing God glory… But I thought the greatest commandments are to Love God and Love thy neighbor?  So how doesn’t the accumulation of money glorify God?  I’m not saying making a living is bad but I do want us to think about the purpose, motive, sources and means of these blessings?  I know for a fact some will read this and say that I’m a hater.  LOL, that’s funny.  I know for a fact that all that I do have was not because of my wealth, high powered connections, family ties, trust fund, great credit score, corporate executive job and so on.   I know without a shadow of doubt that is was God.  According to the standards of this world, I should be begging bread and homeless.  But it is a good thing that my Father is who art in heaven and hallowed be His name His kingdom come.  And His will is being done in my life.  Just because we put God’s name on it doesn’t mean that He is in agreement with it.  And just because a Christian gains more things, doesn’t mean that it was the LORD’s will.  If they don’t end or lead to the glory of God then its not of  Him.

If I make all the right moves and get the right job and then I’m able to get all the good things on my own power, will and determination; where is God.  Where in that life is a relationship on God?  A son with his father’s last name doesn’t make the man a father.  Its what he imparts to his son and the bond between them is what makes a father and son.

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