Reason To Praise

My family and I was recently blessed with a home.  We have prayed for years and trusted in God that He would answer our prayers.  One thing that I’m sure of is that this home is of God and from God.  As a matter of fact everything that we have is all due to Him.  When we finally received the keys, I remember at work on my lunch break praying.  During that prayer I was at a lost for words to express my gratitude towards God for being faithful to us and answering our prayers.  And then the I felt a conviction in my soul that was so strong that I had to sit down.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me saying, “where is this joy for Jesus Christ“.  I was humbled and sicken to think that we get so caught up in the praise for earthly things.   We rather focus on a life on earth and not even think about the eternal death we were saved from.  He have some much because of Christ and we can’t praise and worship Him unless we are reminded of materialistic blessings.

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