Mankind’s Great Delimia III

JERUSALEM - APRIL 10:  A Christian pilgrim hol...
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To admit there is a God, to believe, to have faith is to admit we are not good. Because in Him is salvation but if we are good and follow the golden rule then why would we need salvation…. If you are right then why do you fight so hard? Because deep down you know the truth. The bible says that “The Law” reveals to us our sins. But Jesus Christ gives us salvation from our sins. Have you every heard a drug addict admit he had a problem? The world is addicted to sin and its hard to break a habit that is apart of your nature. Sin is built into mankind we can’t help it because we are naturally incline to evil.  As children we fought over the smallest things. Evil for evil that is how it is in high school and in the business world. So if you love drugs you will do all you have to in order to justify your habit. Even if you know that it is wrong you still justify it to give yourself peace of mind. And you attack does who don’t share your habits.

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