Mankind’s Great Delimia II

A Little Perspective
Image by loswl via Flickr

What if the bible was true? What would that mean for society? What would that mean for all of humanity? But the problem is that the bible is true and God is real, Jesus Christ was and is the Son of the Living God. So what then, man continues to hold fast that there is no God but why? Because, it would collapse his world. It would topple the tower of Babel. It would end man’s self-righteousness; it would mean that everything that we have done was wrong. It would bring all of deeds to light. And at the same time men try to discredit the Bible by imperfect men wrote it. Imperfect men inspired by God to record His Word. So why would imperfect men write a bible that makes their imperfect habits sins? Thereby sentencing themselves to hell. For this man doesn’t have an answer. Looking at our complex being, at our lives, at our families, at the world and the universe how can some one doubt there being a God.

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