Mirror Mirror

Foretold in Isaiah 53
Image by kb2qqm via Flickr

Truth can be seen as a mirror… We hate the truth because of that fact.   People run from Christ because the process of salvation is like someone grabbing your head and forcing you to look into the mirror.  And most of the time we hate  what we see.  Because this time we are looking without the shades on.  It is apart of your healing from sin.  Think of you having an illness that is curable  but if you do not admit that you are sick you will never go to the doctor.  Then a simple cold will cause your death.  But when you first admit your sickness; you will then go to the doctor.  Unfortunately, some of us have to get cancer before we will come out of our denial.  Its funny how man is just like a dog yet the dog is still smarter.  It doesn’t take a dog long to learn that the chain around his neck is short. Unlike man we never learn we have almost lose our heads first before we stop running to the other side of the fence.

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