They don’t know

People have never really known The Christ. All they seem to know is the nativity story and easter Sunday. Two very important events but they leave out substance. Do anybody really know Christ? Do they know Him as Lord and Savior? They don’t even  know of the Holy Spirit. We think that God’s will is in line with our selfish ideas and self centered minds. Yet others are cold, hungry, without hope and wandering. Ministers ask us to send it to them, sow into them yet our neighbors still starve. We set aside thousands of dollars to give bountifully unto them and only change to the homeless. My heart is heavy and aches in pain to see these things happen. Not one person complains; not one person stands up and say enough! It pains me to see millionaires who rather put on concerts and make other people pay in order the help the many non-profits; rather than give of themselves.

Its all about faces and pretending, proving that there are no adults just bigger kids with expensive toys.

Read: Ezekiel 34:1-31 (KJV)


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